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Generalized Anxiety Disorder for Children and Adolescents

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ADHD Studies for Children and Adults

  • We are recruiting patients with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)  ages 6-17 years old.
  • For adults, we are enrolling patients with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, ages 18-55 years old.

All studies include free ADHD evaluation, study treatment and compensation for time and travel.

Call (702)838-0742 today for a free consultation with Dr. Childress! Symptoms of ADHD include problems with attention and / or hyperactivity and impulsivity. Perhaps you have noticed these potential signs of ADHD in your child: Inattentive symptoms include often making careless mistakes, having trouble focusing, not listening, being messy and disorganized, avoiding schoolwork that requires mental effort, being forgetful, losing things, and not following through on instructions and being easily distracted.

There are additional signs that you may have noticed; these are hyperactive/impulsive symptoms that may include fidgeting, trouble staying seated, talking excessively, running or climbing when it is not appropriate, having trouble playing quietly, acting as if driven by a motor, having trouble waiting turns, blurting out and interrupting. If  your child has some of these symptoms and is having difficulty in school,with friends or at home, he or she may have ADHD. The only way we can determine if your child has ADHD  is to meet with you and your child in person.

ADHD symptoms in adults may be more subtle.  For example, instead of running or climbing when it is inappropriate, adults may feel restless.  They may have trouble with time management; lose and/or misplace important things such as papers, keys, wallet, and/or cell phone frequently; forget to pay bills or forget activities or appointments and have trouble completing tasks or activities. Adults may also have some of the symptoms described for children. If you have some ADHD symptoms which interfere with your work, home, or school activities or friendships, you may qualify for one of our studies.

Please call us at (702)838-0742 to make an appointment.  There is no obligation to participate in a study if you see us for a consultation.





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Dr. Childress and Dr. Frantom have years of experience in dealing with ADHD and other psychiatric disorders. If you believe your child suffers from ADHD, contact us today.

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