Irritability in Autism in Children and Adolescents

Approximately 20% of patients with autism spectrum disorder have irritability.  Signs of autism related irritability include aggression, self-harming behavior, severe tantrums, emotional meltdowns, and need for isolation.

Currently, there are limited treatment options available for irritability associated with autism spectrum disorders.

I am particularly excited about the science behind a potential new treatment from Axial Therapeutics, AB-2004, for the improvement of irritability associated with autism. Axial’s innovative scientific approach builds on research which shows that substances produced by bacteria found in the gut can reach the brain and have a negative impact on neurological development and behavior.

AB-2004 works by reducing substances produced by bacteria commonly found in the gut before they enter the bloodstream and reach the brain.

I am currently conducting a clinical research study sponsored by Axial with AB-2004 in Las Vegas for adolescents who have autism spectrum disorder and irritability.

For more information about this study, call my office at 702-297-6289 or click here!

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